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Every word Tuchel said on N’golo Kante’s injury, Anthony Taylor & Liverpool draw


Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel
Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel (Image: PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

“He is injured, he had to go out. He missed the Arsenal game because of pain in his ankle and a little bit of inflammation, nothing serious because he was back in training and, as you could see, he started today.

“In winning the ball in this situation, the opponent fell on his ankle, twisted it again. He immediately had the same pain as before the Arsenal game when he missed it. He was lacking the force to accelerate and we had to take him off.

“Can there be any harder challenges than going one man down, taking off N’Golo Kante at half time, and having Liverpool play towards the Kop? So a pretty tough one.

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“But we did excellently and we are super happy with what we did. We deserved the point.

What are your thoughts on the double punishment of a red card and a penalty?

“Double punishment is super hard and it’s always a bit of a spoiler of the game. I think it’s the rule. If the referee says he denies a clear goal with his hand, nobody knows if the penalty is a goal. It’s a big chance but you don’t get the goal back.

“I don’t like these early red cards, of course not at Liverpool when we play. In general, it’s a bit of a spoiler for the game. Nobody I think wants to see that for 45 minutes. They want to see a high-level game. I have no solution for it and no better idea at this moment. But it’s a spoiler.

“The situation itself, well I can understand the decision and I don’t say it is wrong, but I don’t like the way the referee checked it because he just checked the image. The image showed a clear contact and then it was a clear decision.

“We saw it on the bench and on our iPad. We saw the movement, it was a short distance and also a deflection onto his arm. The arm is not in a super unnatural position. I have heard referees already saying it was not a punishable action. I maybe would have wished for a longer consultation and view on the whole situation.

“Maybe it would have stayed the same decision. It could have been the same decision. We have to live with it and some decisions stay with the referee in the moment. It was against us and we did the very best of it because it was very, very tough.”

What’s the latest with Christian Pulisic and how important is Andreas Christensen now given he is set to sign a new contract?

“Christian is released today so this is pretty much the explanation. He’s released from today and will go to the national team. If he can provide the negative test. Then he will go to the national team and hopefully play and get some minutes in his legs.

“Andreas has been very strong since day one. He plays in the central position and finished the game in the right position because we brought Thiago [Silva] on and decided to stay in a back five. He is very strong. Super talented. He loves Chelsea, he is a Chelsea boy from the academy. He has a huge impact.

“In the moment I think he feels the trust. He knows he can absolutely help. He is a top defender and top guy. I have the feeling he is growing every week in confidence and personality and self-confidence, which is good. He is doing fantastic since day one and getting better and better.”

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